Cozy Cold Florida Evening

We're in the midst of a cold spell for Florida with night time temperatures actually in the 30's! Very cold for us for November so we've had a fire the past couple of nights. I love the glow from the candles and the fire and the animals curled up beside us to stay warm.
Broc and I spent the afternoon at the Wild Ginger Pottery Studio which is our home away from home these days. We've been working on some Christmas presents and this is a mug Broc is making for a very special someone in the family. We stayed till closing time and he brought this home to finish up the handle.

Logan has been quite busy playing World of Warcraft since the expansion came out recently. Nothing like being all settled in his gaming chair with a cup of hot chocolate from mom (Thanks Logan for letting me take your picture for my blogging fun!)

Speaking of blogging fun...Here I am with two of our three animals and my new Birthday Present from Broc! A laptop which I absolutely love. I really don't need to move from this spot all evening And I may not.


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