One Hundred and Six

It's True! The Cake says 106. Mark (Brenna and Logan's Dad for those of you wondering who I'm celebrating a birthday with) and I celebrated with a joint birthday party this past weekend.
We met when our joint ages were 42 and now our joint ages are 106. I'm not about to explain how they all add up but Brenna seemed to think that these candles would be good birthday cake decorations. Funny. I don't feel 106.
(Okay....Mark was 18...and I was "older than 18 by 6" so
he was younger than both of the people in this next picture)

My favorite birthday present was Brenna coming home for the weekend. She brought her boyfriend, Jason. Brave guy . He met the whole family and didn't run for the hills.

Three generations.....More than 106

Brenna and Jason as they were leaving to drive back to college. Did I mention how much we liked him? We did. Broc surprised me with a laptop computer so this blog entry is my first attempt at using it. More as soon as I figure it all out!


Beachbum said…
Happy Birthdays!!!! I agree with Brenna, the candles are awesome!
Alex Polikowsky said…
Happy birthday to you.
You live in the zoo.
Hey! that is the wrong one!
Anyways ...wishing you both a great birthday!
Please send Mark a special hug from me.
PS. YOu sure don't look 106! What is your secret?
Madeline said…
Whoo Hoo! Happy 106! That Jason is cute. How great that you guys like him.
kelli said…
Happy Birthday! And congrats on the new laptop! Very cool :)

And Brenna's beau is very cute! I'm glad you guys had a nice time together.
Frank said…
Happy birthday!
Ren said…
Happy, happy Birthday! Late to the party as usual....:)

Brenna looks very happy and they make a CUTE couple. Hugs to you all.

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