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Broc spent a few days in Austin visiting Drew, Tyler and Lindsay and played a bit of our new favorite game, Bananagrams. Here's a quick look at their fun!

Christmas Clutter..Be Gone!

Okay, I love everything that this recent holiday brings. The tree, the smells, the joy, the food, the excitement, all the lights and decorations, the secret presents, the last minute shopping, spending time with family and friends. Love it, love it, love it. This year we managed a bit of traveling, celebrating the solstice, a house concert with one of my favorite musicians, hanging out with unschooling friends, and a truly fun Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, on December 27th, I'm all ready to move on.

Brenna headed out to visit her boyfriend, Jason, and meet his family for a couple of days, Broc left for Austin to visit his kids for a few days, Logan was sleeping after being up skyping with some of his unschooling friends most of the night so I spent the day getting the house out of holiday mode and did a bit of low cost redecorating (total cost...$12.38...I should so be on one of the HGTV shows) Here's the living room....mostly rearranged but I also added a cou…

And To All A Good Night....

Brenna and Logan in their new Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Wishing you all peace and joy with your families and friends during this magical season

Before and After

Logan wanted to get his hair cut this week. It's been about.......It's been awhile since he cut it. We called Hair Peace, a salon recommended by our unschooling friend, Mindy, who used to get the most awesome haircuts there for her and her kids before she moved to Georgia.

I called this morning and they had an opening for 6:30 tonight so Brenna, Logan and I drove downtown. Here's the before and after. He's very happy with it and didn't even mind that I took a couple of pictures.

Okay, about 20 pictures! Here's a couple that he didn't mind if I shared.

He still had a bit of blond left from when Holly Dodd bleached it right before the 2007 Live and Learn Conference
I think he looks taller and older with the new look

A Good Life

Mid-December and I'm enjoying just being close to home and treasuring the presence of our family together. As I write, our dog, Bubbles, is softly snoring by my feet on the couch. Brenna is curled up on another couch reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" with her cat, Tessie under a blanket beside her. The Christmas tree lights are doing their slow dance of colors and I can hear the sound of a computer game from down the hall in Logan's room. Broc has been home for a few days and left earlier for an overnight business trip. He'll be home tomorrow and then off work for a week during the Christmas holiday.

We all had dinner together and while it was cooking, Logan and I played a round of Bananagrams. If you haven't played this game, rush right out and get it. So fun for even just one person or a large group. It's a nice game to leave laying out on the dining room table for a quick round here and there.

I made a wreath today from some of the pine branches f…

He's So Young!

Broc wanted to wait and celebrate his December 3 birthday when Brenna got home for her Christmas break from college so we had a small family party on Saturday night with everyone but Chelsea who was still finishing up her college finals.

Here are a few pictures of the night as we celebrated with my quite young , handsome and cool husband who still 40 something!

Broc and Brenna

My mom, Nita, and Broc

Logan and his dad, Mark

He loves us, though!!

My niece, Cailin, and Logan

Tami and Joe___________________________________

Thankful For Friends

The day after Thanksgiving, we drove up to Atlanta to meet up with some of our favorite people in the whole world. We gathered at the Italian restaurant Barando and then enjoyed Mannheim Steamroller in concert at the beautiful Fox Theatre.

Some of us were able to hang out for the whole weekend thanks to the hospitality of the Traaseth and Stonebreaker families so in typical unschooler style, we did what we do best....Play!!!

Apples to Apples and Bananagrams were the weekend board games of choice. Kyra did her body drawing magic with Sharpies while Cameron shared his mad henna tattoo skills.

Some Rock Banders

Abbi and Clint

We are truly so thankful for our friends and so look forward to these magical times. As we made the trip home, we were already talking about our next gathering in December.

Thankful for Family

Brenna surprised me by coming home on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I expected her on Thursday but she finished up her classes early and walked in carrying pizza for dinner. I was just so happy to see her. I had just learned to knit so showed her what I knew so far...(which is not much!) I did just finish my first scarf, though, so I guess I'm in crafting mode for our cold Florida winter season which lasts about three weeks.

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Tami always has the most delicious feast and this year was no exception. Best of all, my mom was there and Brenna and Chelsea were home from college. So here are some of the posed pictures of our family. I'm so thankful that we live close enough to celebrate holidays with them.
Tami and Chelsea
Mark and Mom
Cailin and Logan
Chelsea and Brenna

Broc and JoeBrenna and Gail

And this was only Thursday....Then we headed up to Atlanta to do more celebrating with some of our unschooling friends. Mo…