Before and After

Logan wanted to get his hair cut this week. It's been about.......It's been awhile since he cut it. We called Hair Peace, a salon recommended by our unschooling friend, Mindy, who used to get the most awesome haircuts there for her and her kids before she moved to Georgia.

I called this morning and they had an opening for 6:30 tonight so Brenna, Logan and I drove downtown. Here's the before and after. He's very happy with it and didn't even mind that I took a couple of pictures.

Okay, about 20 pictures! Here's a couple that he didn't mind if I shared.

He still had a bit of blond left from when Holly Dodd bleached it right before the 2007 Live and Learn Conference
I think he looks taller and older with the new look


kelli said…
You look great Logan!
Beachbum said…
He does indeed. What a good lookin' dude!
laura said…
yep, taller and older!! that happened when i cut silas' hair last year. he had dreads to his waist almost and when we cut it off, he was bouncing off the walls feeling "sooo light" he said. and taller and older. and not being mistaken for a girl anymore. well, that was a year ago and it hasn't been cut since. and he's back to being called a girl by stangers. this has been the case since he was about 4...way before he even had long hair. such is the way for our pretty eyed boys =)!!

i love the new cut!!!
mindy said…
I love the new cut, and catching up on all you guys have been up to! So sorry to have missed the recent gatherings...they sure looked like fun!
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