Christmas Clutter..Be Gone!

Okay, I love everything that this recent holiday brings. The tree, the smells, the joy, the food, the excitement, all the lights and decorations, the secret presents, the last minute shopping, spending time with family and friends. Love it, love it, love it. This year we managed a bit of traveling, celebrating the solstice, a house concert with one of my favorite musicians, hanging out with unschooling friends, and a truly fun Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, on December 27th, I'm all ready to move on.

Brenna headed out to visit her boyfriend, Jason, and meet his family for a couple of days, Broc left for Austin to visit his kids for a few days, Logan was sleeping after being up skyping with some of his unschooling friends most of the night so I spent the day getting the house out of holiday mode and did a bit of low cost redecorating (total cost...$12.38...I should so be on one of the HGTV shows) Here's the living room....mostly rearranged but I also added a couple of Christmas gifts and brought back in a bookcase that holds all our games.

I wish I'd taken a before picture of this room. It was a small storage room that recently had a computer armoire, all my speech therapy materials, all our board games in a huge bookcase, all our office supplies, all our suitcases, Christmas decorations, 6 folding chairs, Broc's golf clubs, a card table, 2 dining room chairs, 3 bar stools and some other stuff. I took it all out and redistributed to various other locations in and about the house and shed and VOILA!! It's a pottery studio. Total cost $12.38 which was the picture and frame that I found at Michaels today. The ceramic statues on top of the bookcase (that is now holding our pottery) were made by Brenna during the first few months we started unschooling 6 years ago.

The room has a wood floor that Broc put in when he converted the garage so we found a sheet of linoleum to protect the floor from all the clay and water.

The pottery wheel was a joint Christmas present for Broc, Brenna and I and Brenna has already made this teapot.

Brenna's college, New College of Florida, has a January term for Independent Study Projects and she's doing research on Japanese teapots, learning to throw teapots and writing 3 papers about the history and the process. The cool thing is that she can do the ISP anywhere so she'll be home working in our home studio for most of the month as well as going out to our local studio for glazing and firing.

For Brenna, it will be much like the life she knew before heading off to college as she explores something she enjoys in greater depth. I'm happy to have her home a bit longer and we have this cool studio area now to throw our pots. Next plan is for a kiln.

I now have an entire week with no work and time to just play and hang out with my favorite people. Plans are to blog a bit, do a little yoga, play some Rock Band, make a couple of pots, take Bubbles for some walks, eat good food and welcome 2009 with family and friends.


kelli said…
That tea pot is amazing! I hope she makes more ;)

The J term sounds great too.
靖江青儿 said…
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