A Good Life

Mid-December and I'm enjoying just being close to home and treasuring the presence of our family together. As I write, our dog, Bubbles, is softly snoring by my feet on the couch. Brenna is curled up on another couch reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" with her cat, Tessie under a blanket beside her. The Christmas tree lights are doing their slow dance of colors and I can hear the sound of a computer game from down the hall in Logan's room. Broc has been home for a few days and left earlier for an overnight business trip. He'll be home tomorrow and then off work for a week during the Christmas holiday.

We all had dinner together and while it was cooking, Logan and I played a round of Bananagrams. If you haven't played this game, rush right out and get it. So fun for even just one person or a large group. It's a nice game to leave laying out on the dining room table for a quick round here and there.

I made a wreath today from some of the pine branches from the bottom of our tree and it's hanging on the door. I'm especially enjoying having Brenna home for the holidays and realize every day how lucky we are to have this time together.

I've made a conscious effort to just be completely present every time Broc or the kids have the time to visit and share a moment. I haven't rushed around shopping but am making some simple gifts and doing what is important right now rather than worrying about sending out cards.

We're heading up to South Carolina on Saturday to a house concert with Danny Schmidt at the Lovejoy home. Nothing quite compares to a gathering of unschoolers and then you add a bit of Danny and it will be like Santa has truly come through this year!

I'm taking time to just enjoy every moment I have with my family and friends and am so thankful for this holiday season and for this season of our lives. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Solstice, Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by to check in and for being part of our lives.


Sandra Dodd said…
It sounds very peaceful. I hope your Christmas is a good one!
A friend told me this place I have been looking for, I come, it turned out, I have not disappointed, good Blog

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