He's So Young!

Broc wanted to wait and celebrate his December 3 birthday when Brenna got home for her Christmas break from college so we had a small family party on Saturday night with everyone but Chelsea who was still finishing up her college finals.

Here are a few pictures of the night as we celebrated with my quite young , handsome and cool husband who still 40 something!

Broc and Brenna

My mom, Nita, and Broc

Logan and his dad, Mark

He loves us, though!!

My niece, Cailin, and Logan

Tami and Joe___________________________________


laura said…
i just love this stuff...all this friends and family stuff. i love doing it, i love reading about people doing it. i love it!!!
kelli said…
Happy belated Birthday Broc! We're so glad you were born :) See you soon!
Alex Polikowsky said…
Happy Brthday Broc! Brian's birhtday was on the 1st!

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