Thankful for Family

Brenna surprised me by coming home on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I expected her on Thursday but she finished up her classes early and walked in carrying pizza for dinner. I was just so happy to see her. I had just learned to knit so showed her what I knew so far...(which is not much!) I did just finish my first scarf, though, so I guess I'm in crafting mode for our cold Florida winter season which lasts about three weeks.

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister's house. Tami always has the most delicious feast and this year was no exception. Best of all, my mom was there and Brenna and Chelsea were home from college. So here are some of the posed pictures of our family. I'm so thankful that we live close enough to celebrate holidays with them.
Tami and Chelsea
Mark and Mom
Cailin and Logan
Chelsea and Brenna

Broc and JoeBrenna and Gail

And this was only Thursday....Then we headed up to Atlanta to do more celebrating with some of our unschooling friends. More about that coming up.......


Beachbum said…
So glad you were celebrating together!! It does mean much.

Great to hear the knitting news! Maybe we'll see each other soon and get to sit together to do in Portland area or San Diego?
laura said…
i must be especially emotional today because every blog i read is making me cry. the image of brenna coming in unexpected keeps going through my mind and it makes me tear up. it's such a beautiful moment. and hey, the pizza adds quite a special touch as well =). you are so blessed...aren't we all?? YES!!
Sandra Dodd said…
Logan's standing on a box next to Brenna, it seems.
gail said…
Not only is he standing on a box, he also is emitting a strange low sound when he speaks that makes me wonder who is living in our house.
gay said…
Hey Gail,

It's fun to check up on you every so often! Glad to hear all is well at your end. I can't believe those babies of yours are all grown up. We'll be heading to Austin for Christmas. We had our first snow fall today so it finally seems like winter here in New Mexico.

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