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Happy 21st!

Our weekend trip destination was Columbia, South Carolina, where we joined friends from far and near to celebrate Cameron Lovejoy's 21st birthday. Lots of hugs and a group art project.
A bit of dancing by the parents of the guest of honor.
And the guest of honor with Maddie
There was time for relaxing and catching up with friends.
Brenna, Gail and Laura Bowman
Emily and Julia Conger
Chris, Ben and Brenna

Glimpses of Brenna's Pottery Project

Brenna is spending most of January doing her Independent Study Term researching and throwing pottery. Her focus has been on the history of Japanese teapots and some of those are already at the studio being fired and some have been glazed. She's also photographing some of the pieces to include with her final project so I thought I'd bring some of her photography of the pieces she's thrown in the last couple of days. These are ready for their first firing. She should have some of her completed pieces home in a few days and I can't to see them. It's been so fun having her home this month and seeing the excitement and joy this art form brings to her.

She's thinking about putting some on her Etsy Site but I'm hoping to score a couple of them first!

Is George W. Bush Still President?

Oh What A Day!

Happy Happy Day!

"It's Not the Flippin Game......."

One of my favorite unschooling writers and very good friend is Kelly Lovejoy. She is honest, direct and speaks from the heart. I happened upon one of her posts on an unschooling list today and asked if I could bring her response here. It related to a discussion that focused on obsessions with World of Warcraft.

Brenna, Logan and I are all very intense and focused when we are involved in things we love doing. Recently, Brenna has been completely immersed in making pottery and reading and writing about pottery from the time she gets up till she goes to bed. She said today that she was even dreaming about pottery. Do you think that she gets any negative responses about the time and energy she spends on this?

After playing World of Warcraft until he reached Level 78, Logan recently moved on to a different video game. He is completely immersed in playing Half Life and is learning and enjoying it so much that he also has mentioned dreaming about it. He has spent the last few days c…

Winter Days

Brenna's home for most of the month of January which has turned out to be very cold by Florida standards. Here's a picture of her with all the animals trying to stay warm. Ollie is on the back of the couch, Tessie is on Brenna's lap with Bubbles close by. Last night was the coldest night we've had all year although we hate to complain too much this far south especially because so many of our friends up north are so much colder.

Sneaking this in....Broc's working on a special project for a special friend of ours...more about this in a week or so. He is so amazing.....and talented....and handsome.....I consider myself one lucky woman. Some of you may have seen this already, but did you know that Broc can also sing and dance? :-)

Our favorite dinners are a smorgasborg....tonight we had summer sausage, tortellini, fresh fruit, vegies, and a Zinfandel with cheesecake for dessert
Logan is happily playing some new computer games, Brenna is headed out (covered with cla…


One of my favorite stories that I read to Brenna and Logan when they were young is Frederick by Leo Lionni. It's the story of a mouse who, rather than helping all the other mice furiously working to get ready for winter, just sits and stares at the meadow. When asked why he doesn't work, he says, "I gather colors, for winter is gray." Then, during the winter, he is able to share the colors and the words he had gathered to help them through the difficult cold days.

Yesterday was one of the beautiful Florida still warm winter days and I felt the need to gather some of the day from our backyard hammock. I may not need them but just in case I took a few pictures.

Warm enough for Broc is be working on his project without a shirt
Bubbles joined me to soak up some of the sun

Danny and Our Winter Solstice Celebration

I seem to hold on to pictures of our unschooling friend celebrations and savor them awhile before posting. Or it may be that I just take so many pictures that it's hard to chose which ones to share. These gatherings are so special to our family and we look forward to and treasure every moment.

The weekend of Winter Solstice, our family traveled up to The Lovejoy's home for a combination Danny Schmidt house concert and Winter Solstice celebration. Brenna's boyfriend, Jason, was brave enough to join us and the weekend was filled with laughter, fun and way too little sleep!

Cameron, Jason, Brenna and Rachel making luminarias

Danny and his partner, Carrie

Brenna and Jason staying warm during the concert
Ben and Christine enjoying the evening
Austin, Broc and Tim taking a break from their usual antics

Kyra and some of her Sharpie Magic

Logan and Karina
A teen people pile
Some of the swimmers. I know. It's December but the pool was there.

Kelly, Christine and Phil at our next day …

New Year - Day One

Day One 2009 has been filled with family and relaxing times. My cousin, Kathy, who owns miniature horses stopped by for a short visit on her way to a horse auction and we all went out to lunch. Not the horses. Just the people.

This is one of her bigger horses, Gypsy Rose Lee
Broc spent some time working on a tile design he wants to do in our kitchen
A few more pieces from the new Impossible Possible found their home We're thinking this may be out on the table for awhile.
Broc and I sat on the couch together for a while and watched some football. This really doesn't happen much because of Broc's travel schedule and my difficulty with sitting still. I managed to do a bit of knitting which I'm just learning with Tessie and Bubbles right beside me
Chelsea and Sarah stopped by and visiting while Brenna spent time with finishing up her newest teapot

Logan went off with Cailin for awhile while she rode her horse, Hannah, and as New Year…