Danny and Our Winter Solstice Celebration

I seem to hold on to pictures of our unschooling friend celebrations and savor them awhile before posting. Or it may be that I just take so many pictures that it's hard to chose which ones to share. These gatherings are so special to our family and we look forward to and treasure every moment.

The weekend of Winter Solstice, our family traveled up to The Lovejoy's home for a combination Danny Schmidt house concert and Winter Solstice celebration. Brenna's boyfriend, Jason, was brave enough to join us and the weekend was filled with laughter, fun and way too little sleep!

Cameron, Jason, Brenna and Rachel making luminarias

Danny and his partner, Carrie

Brenna and Jason staying warm during the concert
Ben and Christine enjoying the evening
Austin, Broc and Tim taking a break from their usual antics

Kyra and some of her Sharpie Magic

Logan and Karina
A teen people pile
Some of the swimmers. I know. It's December but the pool was there.

Kelly, Christine and Phil at our next day dinner outingLogan and Cameron
Happy Late Winter Solstice and Thanks Ben and Kelly!


Beachbum said…
I love the teen pile. It gives me such a great feeling!
samuel said…
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laura said…
thanks for the great pix and the memories!!
Alex Polikowsky said…
What fun!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!
诈金花 said…
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