One of my favorite stories that I read to Brenna and Logan when they were young is Frederick by Leo Lionni. It's the story of a mouse who, rather than helping all the other mice furiously working to get ready for winter, just sits and stares at the meadow. When asked why he doesn't work, he says, "I gather colors, for winter is gray." Then, during the winter, he is able to share the colors and the words he had gathered to help them through the difficult cold days.

Yesterday was one of the beautiful Florida still warm winter days and I felt the need to gather some of the day from our backyard hammock. I may not need them but just in case I took a few pictures.

Warm enough for Broc is be working on his project without a shirt
Bubbles joined me to soak up some of the sun


Beachbum said…
I love the view - and am going to check out the books. The one you mentioned and the one you are reading.

We have a tree that is in full bloom here. It's an amazement to me. The birds of paradise are blooming, too...

Nice to see the FL color. Thanks!

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