Glimpses of Brenna's Pottery Project

Brenna is spending most of January doing her Independent Study Term researching and throwing pottery. Her focus has been on the history of Japanese teapots and some of those are already at the studio being fired and some have been glazed. She's also photographing some of the pieces to include with her final project so I thought I'd bring some of her photography of the pieces she's thrown in the last couple of days. These are ready for their first firing. She should have some of her completed pieces home in a few days and I can't to see them. It's been so fun having her home this month and seeing the excitement and joy this art form brings to her.

She's thinking about putting some on her Etsy Site but I'm hoping to score a couple of them first!


Beachbum said…
These are incredibly beautiful! Please let her know I said so...
kelli said…
Yes, from me too. They're amazing, you're so talented Brenna :)
Madeline said…
She is so talented! I know how hard it is to do this and I am so impressed.

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