New Year - Day One

Day One 2009 has been filled with family and relaxing times. My cousin, Kathy, who owns miniature horses stopped by for a short visit on her way to a horse auction and we all went out to lunch. Not the horses. Just the people.

This is one of her bigger horses, Gypsy Rose Lee
Broc spent some time working on a tile design he wants to do in our kitchen
A few more pieces from the new Impossible Possible found their home We're thinking this may be out on the table for awhile.
Broc and I sat on the couch together for a while and watched some football. This really doesn't happen much because of Broc's travel schedule and my difficulty with sitting still. I managed to do a bit of knitting which I'm just learning with Tessie and Bubbles right beside me
Chelsea and Sarah stopped by and visiting while Brenna spent time with finishing up her newest teapot

Logan went off with Cailin for awhile while she rode her horse, Hannah, and as New Year's Day draws to a close, the kids are laughing and playing bananagrams, Broc and I are STILL by each other on the couch each on our laptops and I'm liking this so much I may see if we can do this again in 2009! HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family to yours! Hope your New Year's Day One was a good one too.


Ronnie said…
What a nice day! And Brenna's pottery is so beautiful.
Deanne said…
Sounds like a lovely New Year's Day. Hope the rest of the year has many more like it! ;)
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