Winter Days

Brenna's home for most of the month of January which has turned out to be very cold by Florida standards. Here's a picture of her with all the animals trying to stay warm. Ollie is on the back of the couch, Tessie is on Brenna's lap with Bubbles close by. Last night was the coldest night we've had all year although we hate to complain too much this far south especially because so many of our friends up north are so much colder.

Sneaking this in....Broc's working on a special project for a special friend of ours...more about this in a week or so. He is so amazing.....and talented....and handsome.....I consider myself one lucky woman. Some of you may have seen this already, but did you know that Broc can also sing and dance? :-)

Our favorite dinners are a smorgasborg....tonight we had summer sausage, tortellini, fresh fruit, vegies, and a Zinfandel with cheesecake for dessert
Logan is happily playing some new computer games, Brenna is headed out (covered with clay from throwing pots) to visit with her cousin who is also home from college for the weekend, and Broc is talking on the phone with his parents in New Mexico. It's A typical January Saturday night for us and I'm just feeling quite thankful for all the times we share.


Beachbum said…
Yeah! Such warmth in the 'cold' weather...

What a wonderful feeling you have written about. Thanks.
Beachbum said…
PS: I had the Amy song come on and I stayed till it was over!!! Thanks for this gift, too :)

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