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Ask Unschooling Offspring

There's a new list in town and some of my favorite people have been writing on it. Cameron Lovejoy started a yahoo list called Ask Unschooling Offspring and it's a place to ask questions of actual unschoolers and not just us parents of unschoolers.

I think it's a grand idea. There are so many inspiring thoughtful voices to be heard and one of them is Abbi Traaseth.
Abbi wrote something that caught my eye and graciously said that I could bring it here. Not only can she write, but she plays a wicked piano, is some amazing level 80 plus World of Warcraft player, and a Rock Band Goddess.

She responded on the Unschooling Offspring list to this question........

"Do you see that same kind of intense drive to learn more and more and
more in your schooled friends? Why/why not, do you think?
Kids in school are told that to learn, they must be taught. And theteaching process is long and painful and can only be done throughwriting on a chalkboard, being told what is what, and bei…

And My Oscar Goes To......

My beautiful kids, Brenna and Logan, early Saturday Morning at the Odyssey of the Mind Competition

I'm watching the Oscars tonight and thinking about our fun weekend. Brenna was home from college and our whole family volunteered at our regional Odyssey of the Mind competition. Both kids have been on teams during past years and both have won at the regional level and gone on to the state level. We've been on the board, been judges, been problem captains, helped with the set up and really just love being involved.

My sister, Tami, is the regional director and I always joke that she volunteers us but we really do enjoy it and look forward to it every year.

Brenna made the 4 hour drive home for the weekend to be a judge and Logan was one of the teen volunteers this year. One of the judges didn't show up so Logan got promoted and both kids were announcers and timekeepers for two different problems. Broc and I were judges for the vehicle problem and had a very fun day.

After …

Hooked on Your Blog-Six Things

Ginger tagged me a while back and I'm finally getting around to writing about six things that make me happy. I've learned the last few years that it's the simplest things that bring me the greatest happiness so I'm just going to share six happy things so far today (and it's only 10 a.m.). I'm thinking it's going to be a very happy day.

One~~~~ Listening to the sound of the rain in my sleepy waking up moments and knowing
that I didn't need to be anywhere today except home in my cozy house with Logan

Two~~~~Feeding our dog, Bubbles and our cats, Tessie and Ollie, and having them all curl up
on the couch beside me as I sipped my coffee and read the paper

Three~~~The coffee....I love my morning cup of coffee. About a week ago, my little coffee
maker made its last cup and before I could sprint out to replace it, I discovered this
forgotten under the counter espresso maker that also steams and foams milk. The
last few mornings, I've been…

I Love Spring Fever!

I moved all these books and my work materials out of my office when I turned it into a pottery studio space in December. They've been spread out all over our dining room until I could get a couple of bookcases to store it all.

The azaelas are blooming and spring is definitely in the air so I stained a couple of unfinished bookcases this past weekend.

I actually had on gloves for awhile but a few hours into this much of the stain was on my hands!
I'm much calmer now that I can walk in this room without tripping over books. It's such a cool room but we seldom use it so I'm thinking about knocking down the wall the separates it from our family room. Not this week though!

I Think I'll Paint The Wall

I'm in the mood to paint so before I could change my mind I used some old paint to mark the first wall I'm painting. I think I may have a bit of Spring Fever so watch out!

February Fun

I've been wondering what to do with these bean bag chairs...they just take up space and end up in the closet under a pile of blankets. Logan's cousin, Cailin was here for the afternoon and they can always find something fun to do.