And My Oscar Goes To......

My beautiful kids, Brenna and Logan, early Saturday Morning at the Odyssey of the Mind Competition

I'm watching the Oscars tonight and thinking about our fun weekend. Brenna was home from college and our whole family volunteered at our regional Odyssey of the Mind competition. Both kids have been on teams during past years and both have won at the regional level and gone on to the state level. We've been on the board, been judges, been problem captains, helped with the set up and really just love being involved.

My sister, Tami, is the regional director and I always joke that she volunteers us but we really do enjoy it and look forward to it every year.

Brenna made the 4 hour drive home for the weekend to be a judge and Logan was one of the teen volunteers this year. One of the judges didn't show up so Logan got promoted and both kids were announcers and timekeepers for two different problems. Broc and I were judges for the vehicle problem and had a very fun day.

After competition, we all headed out for dinner together and then today our family all gathered again for lunch to celebrate my sister's 48th birthday. I have always treasured any time I can be with my family and this weekend was no exception.

I'm so lucky to have my mom at 84 still going strong, my sister and her beautiful family, my loving husband, my amazing kids, their dad, and my brother who I just found out will be coming from New Mexico to visit with his daughter and grandson in April.

So on this Oscar night, I'd like to thank my family for their love and for all the times we share.

And I'm hoping that Slumdog Millionaire wins for Best Picture...It was the only picture nominated that I actually have seen. Don't know if I'll stay awake to find out.......seems like they could find a way to condense it all!


Christy said…
I'd like to be involved in that sometime, it sounds like a great experience.
Sandra Dodd said…
Lovely post, great photo, but here's what I think: It doesn't seem right or fair that Logan should be so much taller than Brenna. Kirby and Marty are taller than Holly, but she's the baby, so it's okay for her to be shorter forever.

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