Hooked on Your Blog-Six Things

Ginger tagged me a while back and I'm finally getting around to writing about six things that make me happy. I've learned the last few years that it's the simplest things that bring me the greatest happiness so I'm just going to share six happy things so far today (and it's only 10 a.m.). I'm thinking it's going to be a very happy day.

One~~~~ Listening to the sound of the rain in my sleepy waking up moments and knowing
that I didn't need to be anywhere today except home in my cozy house with Logan

Two~~~~Feeding our dog, Bubbles and our cats, Tessie and Ollie, and having them all curl up
on the couch beside me as I sipped my coffee and read the paper

Three~~~The coffee....I love my morning cup of coffee. About a week ago, my little coffee
maker made its last cup and before I could sprint out to replace it, I discovered this
forgotten under the counter espresso maker that also steams and foams milk. The
last few mornings, I've been grinding my french roast beans, making espresso and
foaming organic half and half for the most delicious cup you can imagine.

Four~~~Facebook! I never thought I'd add this to a happy thing list but since I've joined, I've
been able to connect with family and friends so often. It's fun and I've reconnected
with some family in Norway that I haven't seen in over 35 years. This morning,
I enjoyed watching Logan's video from a link on Facebook. He's joined up with some
unschooling friends and formed Our Seven Cents Vlog. He vlogs on Tuesdays and this week he actually wrote and is playing the background guitar music.

Five~~~ Our local unschooling group will be here soon. After years of not having local
unschooling connections, my friend Keti and I started a small gathering and for now
we get together every Thursday afternoon to hang out. I think the plan for today
may include playing some Bananagrams and throwing on the wheel. The rain is
stopping and the sun is peeking through so maybe we'll move the pottery wheel outside.

Six~~~~ And my favorite happy thing today!! Brenna is coming home for the weekend. She's
coming home because we are all volunteering to help out at our regional Odyssey
of the Mind competition on Saturday. I miss~ miss~ miss her and can't wait till she
walks in with all her energy and stories to share from the past few weeks.

Tagging Five of my favorite people and bloggers with a huge no obligation tag!


I really enjoyed this tag...thanks Ginger! Sometimes in our busy lives it's just worth taking a few moments to realize all those little things that make our lives worthwhile. I really like my life and all the people that I share it with.


Christy said…
This is a nice one! I will do it soon. I'd like to find some unschoolers here. I've met some nice homeschoolers but they certainly aren't unschoolers.
mindy said…
Great Tag Gail! I'll for sure have a go...I love things that make me happy :)
Beachbum said…
My sweet friend! It's wonderful to read. It's first thing in my morning...and your happy things are part of my list today!

Madeline said…
I love your list, which was made more sweet by "Brand New Day" playing while I read it. I'll do this soon.

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