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Sixteen Candles

This old dishwasher has been out beside our house for a couple of years now because I hated to have it hauled off to the landfill and it was too broken to repair or put on Freecycle.

Logan has been researching chemical reactions for quite some time and is especially interested in blowing things up as seems to be the case for all the males in our family. I expect some fire and explosions when all the "boys" get together so Logan's idea to make this appliance disappear did not surprise me.

He wanted some Thermite and Magnesium for part of his birthday present and when we got home from our trip to ARGH, it was time for some birthday celebrating. There were several trials with small amounts of the thermite and magnesium fuse for safety reasons before this clip was filmed.

This is the very same mom that many years ago when Logan was a wee lad would not let him play with guns (including water guns) or watch anything she considered violent on TV....and then she went to a Live an…

Our Earth Hour

Here we are getting ready for Earth Hour. We gathered some of our candles and our Bananagrams game so we could play with all the lights off. Broc decided to make some sort of hat out of tin foil so he could see his letters better. It looked quite ridiculous but we try to humor him as best we can..:-)

Brenna was the overall champion of the night. I was most surprised by how hot it got with all those candles burning.....

We really enjoyed the dark and quiet house punctuated only by the sound of Bananagram cursing.

Magnificent March

Early March and in Full Bloom in our backyard

My favorite word of the month has been magnificent so it seemed a fitting title to go with our entire month of March. In addition to our wonderful long weekend in the Tennessee mountains with our ARGH friends, we also just packed it in for most every other day of the entire month.
Here's a few highlights from our own March madness....

Logan turned 16 on March 18 and we had a couple of celebrations to honor his birthday...More about part of his birthday celebration in a later post

The grandparents from New Mexico came to visit. Here's Granddad Larry with Grandmama Delories playing a bit of Rock Band

Brenna was home to visit once with her grandparents and also for Spring Break. Here we are just today after eating lunch with our friends, Keti and Isabella, at a raw foods restaurant in St. Augustine. We loved the restaurant and the food was so pretty and tasted really good at the time but later on we weren't so sure. Maybe it takes…

ARGH - Number Two!

Laura Bowman and Austin Gavin...Laura was the creative organizing goddess for this spring gathering and She Rocks! Thanks to Laura for all her hard work and smiles and to both Austin and Laura for their goofy dancing feet at the talent show.
Some of The Guys...Broc, Austin and Scotty (with his "beam me up" shirt)
Always gorgeous Ren with her own Henna design. Ren is an ARGH founder and one of the organizing goddesses!Christine and Phil love being around here so much that they drove all the way from Boston and had plans to look at land to buy in the North Carolina area for an upcoming move.
A few of the kids taking a break from the long goodbye on Tuesday morning....

You don't want to miss this!! Austin and Broc had a Ping Pong Showdown on the last evening. It looks like Broc was winning from this clip but the park rangers ended it promptly at 9:00 with the score...Broc - 14 and Austin - 16. A rematch is planned!

Autodidactic Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers Spring 09 Edition Part ONE!

Life has kept me busy and away from my blog with much fun visiting family and friends. My life is magnificent and March has given me many reasons to be thankful for every day.

One of those reasons is our trip to Roan Mountain in Tennessee to join some of our very cool unschooling friends for ARGH. It was our second trip for this gathering and we'd love to make it up there every time. The setting in the mountains is beautiful but it's the people who make the drive so worthwhile.

We were so happy that our friends, Isabella and Trevor, also made the trip with us. Driving 9 hours is quite fun with a group of teens.

Here are few glimpses of our weekend........

Isabella and Jake with some of their Henna Tattoos

Bananagrams was a big hit the entire weekend..There's Broc in the background on his computer. He really was with us much more than on the computer...doing Henna, playing ping pong..(I mean Table Tennis , Tim :-)

Abbi doing some of her Henna magic on Trevor
My beautiful friends…

Brenna's New Do

When I last saw Brenna about a week ago, she looked a bit like this....smiling and with long hair

She just called from college and told me to check my e-mail and as of today, she is still smiling.......

but the hair is a bit shorter! She's 19 and has never had short hair since maybe she was two years old. I love it!

Here's a photo of her with her boyfriend, Jason. He's cute too. :-)