ARGH - Number Two!

Laura Bowman and Austin Gavin...Laura was the creative organizing goddess for this spring gathering and She Rocks! Thanks to Laura for all her hard work and smiles and to both Austin and Laura for their goofy dancing feet at the talent show.
Some of The Guys...Broc, Austin and Scotty (with his "beam me up" shirt)
Always gorgeous Ren with her own Henna design. Ren is an ARGH founder and one of the organizing goddesses!Christine and Phil love being around here so much that they drove all the way from Boston and had plans to look at land to buy in the North Carolina area for an upcoming move.
A few of the kids taking a break from the long goodbye on Tuesday morning....

You don't want to miss this!! Austin and Broc had a Ping Pong Showdown on the last evening. It looks like Broc was winning from this clip but the park rangers ended it promptly at 9:00 with the score...Broc - 14 and Austin - 16. A rematch is planned!


Ren said…
That was EPIC!
I need to buy a ping-pong...oops..I mean TABLE TENNIS table. ;)

So good to see you all again!
kelli said…
I'm glad you took pictures, I took one! hehe. The one I took was of you and Broc, maybe I'll get a post up today.

It was a wonderful time :)
laura said…
delicious!!!!!!! i can't wait to post to my blog about day!!! LOL!!

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