Autodidactic Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers Spring 09 Edition Part ONE!

Life has kept me busy and away from my blog with much fun visiting family and friends. My life is magnificent and March has given me many reasons to be thankful for every day.

One of those reasons is our trip to Roan Mountain in Tennessee to join some of our very cool unschooling friends for ARGH. It was our second trip for this gathering and we'd love to make it up there every time. The setting in the mountains is beautiful but it's the people who make the drive so worthwhile.

We were so happy that our friends, Isabella and Trevor, also made the trip with us. Driving 9 hours is quite fun with a group of teens.

Here are few glimpses of our weekend........

Isabella and Jake with some of their Henna Tattoos

Bananagrams was a big hit the entire weekend..There's Broc in the background on his computer. He really was with us much more than on the computer...doing Henna, playing ping pong..(I mean Table Tennis , Tim :-)

Abbi doing some of her Henna magic on Trevor
My beautiful friends, Mindy and Madeline
Kimi, Isabella, Abbi, Logan,Karina, and Alec graciously posed for a picture
Sparkly Rachel with her always beautiful smile
Patti Digh joined us on Sunday afternoon to chat and sign her book, Life is a Verb. She shared stories from her life and book which is about waking up, being mindful and living intentionally.
I loved meeting her because her book has really made an impact on my life recently. Here she is with Alice.

More of the gathering to come....................


Christy said…
I wish we could have made it. With the goats it just wasn't possible this time. Maybe the next one.
laura said…
great pix!! i'm excited that this is part one, that means more to come!!! i really need to catch up on blogging!

we had a great time too!! can't wait to see ya'll again soon!

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