Magnificent March

Early March and in Full Bloom in our backyard

My favorite word of the month has been magnificent so it seemed a fitting title to go with our entire month of March. In addition to our wonderful long weekend in the Tennessee mountains with our ARGH friends, we also just packed it in for most every other day of the entire month.
Here's a few highlights from our own March madness....

Logan turned 16 on March 18 and we had a couple of celebrations to honor his birthday...More about part of his birthday celebration in a later post

The grandparents from New Mexico came to visit. Here's Granddad Larry with Grandmama Delories playing a bit of Rock Band

Brenna was home to visit once with her grandparents and also for Spring Break. Here we are just today after eating lunch with our friends, Keti and Isabella, at a raw foods restaurant in St. Augustine. We loved the restaurant and the food was so pretty and tasted really good at the time but later on we weren't so sure. Maybe it takes a bit for your body to get used to it. Tonight we ate all orange processed food for dinner. Not sure what that was about but it certainly was fun! It's amazing the things you can find that are orange...goldfish, macaroni and cheese, boxed rice and Oranges!

Brenna spent some of her spring break throwing pottery and one day came home from the studio and gave me this sugar and creamer set she had started during her January Independent Study Project. I love the glaze she used and I'm happily using them every day for my coffee

I started these plants indoors early in March and just planted the last of them yesterday in our new square foot garden that we built....
More pictures of the garden and it's progress in Amazing Astounding April.....:-)

And speaking of Amazing!!! Danny Schmidt stopped by! He started his tour of Florida in Jacksonville and spent the night with us. He's from our old home town of Austin and we were thrilled to be able to hang out with him some and listen to him perform at the European Street Cafe. I think he's one of the best songwriters and guitarists I've every heard and highly recommend that you rush out and buy one or all of his CD's!

And my favorite part of March and the reason why my world is so magnificent is these two amazing people...Brenna and Logan. Hanging out with them is just the best no matter what month it is.


Ronnie said…
Beautiful flowers, beautiful garden, beautiful pottery, beautiful kids, beautiful you!
Sandra Dodd said…
Are you still coming to Albuquerque in June, though?
Madeline said…
Your square garden is fantastic! Ours, without the wood sides to protect it was hit hard by the crazy three days of rain this week. It can be very good to stay small.
mindy said…
I LOVE your new opening picture of Logan and Brenna. They are both so beautiful and full and light. I also loved seeing all of the pictures on this blog post. So, so beautiful.
Pheobe said…
Found your blog through the PHX unschooling yahoo group. Just wanted to comment on how I admire your relationship with your children. The love is very apparent.

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