Our Earth Hour

Here we are getting ready for Earth Hour. We gathered some of our candles and our Bananagrams game so we could play with all the lights off. Broc decided to make some sort of hat out of tin foil so he could see his letters better. It looked quite ridiculous but we try to humor him as best we can..:-)

Brenna was the overall champion of the night. I was most surprised by how hot it got with all those candles burning.....

We really enjoyed the dark and quiet house punctuated only by the sound of Bananagram cursing.


kelli said…
Broc is too funny *g* and even playing Bananagrams in the dark! You guys rock!
Beachbum said…
You guys, do indeed rock! Did the hat work?!

I'm giving you an award. If you choose to take it...you can see it here http://twofreeboysplus3.blogspot.com/2009/03/lemonade.html
Galavanter said…
Just catching up on some blog reading and realized just how much I miss you guys!

We don't know yet if we'll be going to Nashville in July, but if so, I hope to be able to connect with you in person.

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