Sixteen Candles

This old dishwasher has been out beside our house for a couple of years now because I hated to have it hauled off to the landfill and it was too broken to repair or put on Freecycle.

Logan has been researching chemical reactions for quite some time and is especially interested in blowing things up as seems to be the case for all the males in our family. I expect some fire and explosions when all the "boys" get together so Logan's idea to make this appliance disappear did not surprise me.

He wanted some Thermite and Magnesium for part of his birthday present and when we got home from our trip to ARGH, it was time for some birthday celebrating. There were several trials with small amounts of the thermite and magnesium fuse for safety reasons before this clip was filmed.

This is the very same mom that many years ago when Logan was a wee lad would not let him play with guns (including water guns) or watch anything she considered violent on TV....and then she went to a Live and Learn Conference and met Sandra Dodd and discovered unschooling and learned to say yes...which led to much more learning and joy and a happy and peaceful family. Sounds a bit like a fairy tale....

I should add the disclaimer here of not trying this at your own home..... And if my Fire Chief friend from New Mexico sees this..."I really haven't lost my mind." Notice my confidence as I immediately say that I'm going inside... Broc was out of town (Brenna was there) so I was quite out of my element here ... But confident. Very trusting and confident. :-)

This is where you turn off the Birthday Candle song.....

This was all that was left and today we took it out to the curb to be picked up. Logan filmed this separately for his weekly Our Seven Cents Vlog that can be found on YouTube every Tuesday.

This was the last of a series of 16th birthday celebrations for Logan and this may have been the most memorable. Happy Birthday to my now 16 year old boy!


Ronnie said…
It's beautiful! :-)

And the commentary is hilarious!

LOL - I just noticed my Word Verification word is "explo". Now, I wonder where they got that?!
kelli said…
That was awesome! And I also enjoyed the commentary *g*
laura said…
glowing dishwashers are the coolest!...

...i'm going inside!!!
Beachbum said…
You guys are incredibly awesome!

I can't wait to show this to Kai and Kade. Although they may see about making it so our dishwasher is replaced... :)
Madeline said…
From "I'm going inside" Jesse and I started laughing hysterically! So great. Gail, you are brave and awesome.

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