Random Catch Up!

We've been happy and busy with lots of visitors and comings and goings and I haven't taken the time to blog in awhile. I have been taking pictures so I chose a few to share some of our recent doings.....

My brother, Skip, my niece, Kristle and my nephew, Ethan, came for a visit from New Mexico so we had many family gatherings for a couple of weeks..Here's Brenna doing a Henna tattoo on Kristle's foot.

Skip turned 64 while he was here and on his birthday some of us went to Deleon Springs for the afternoon...Skip played his guitar in the park (and yes we all sang.."Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?") and people came by and dropped money in his guitar which was funny to us all except my mom, who found it a bit embarrassing. Here she is with Kristle doing a birthday toast to Skip. An added note here....my mom is 84 and drives herself all around town....is still taking classes learning Spanish and now French as well as going to the pool 3 days a week...Go Mom!!!!

My sister, Tami, with her two girls, Cailin and Chelsea and my niece, Kristle doing their sorority pose. Kristle actually was in a sorority so we've all learned the pose from her :-)

One Saturday, we went to the Riverside Arts Market in downtown Jacksonville. Broc made sure Ethan got a face painting and here is a picture of all the cousins..EXCEPT For Kristle. Sorry Kristle. You were so busy taking pictures that I didn't get you in this one.

And here's one I borrowed today from Brenna's facebook page. She'll be home next weekend from college for the summer and last night she and her boyfriend, Jason, went to a Gatsby Party at their college. We're looking forward to her coming home and to all our summer plans. Next up is a trip to New Mexico for Broc's parents 50th anniversary. We'll have all five of our kids with us and it should be a fun party!

So....all for now. I have a houseful of boys this weekend...Logan, Broc, Trevor and Duncan...so it may be time to call out for pizza!


Frank said…
Looks like lotsa fun!
Madeline said…
Your family is just beautiful! Definitely send out for lots of pizza.
FLO said…
Ditto what Madeline said. Brenna especially is breathtaking!

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