I've been tagged by Kelli to take a picture with no primping allowed as soon as I read the tag...so here I am with my great-nephew, Ethan, who is having a sleepover with Broc and me tonight. He jumped on my back for the photo opportunity!

Logan is gone on a walk-about (although they are driving) with Cameron Lovejoy and is in Rhode Island right now and Brenna is finishing up her semester at New College in Sarasota so we decided it was time to import another child for the night. Four year olds are so fun!!!

I have my hands full right now so I'm not tagging anyone....maybe tomorrow :-)


kelli said…
Awesome Gail, and it looks like so much fun to have a 4 year old around again! :)
mindy said…
You radiate beautifulness.
Journey Wildly said…
You gotta love that abundant energy of a 4 year old!

I enjoyed your post on Jacksonville, we just relocated to about an hour and a half from there in south Georgia. I'm looking forward to getting down there soon.

Nice to 'meet' you!

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