New Mexico Adventures...

View from Sandia Peak

We just returned from an amazing 12 day trip to New Mexico to visit family and friends and help celebrate Broc's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. That in itself was amazing!

I'll post pictures and thoughts about the trip soon but wanted to share one of our cool experiences while we were there. Broc and Brenna and Logan each participated in afternoon interviews with Lee Stranahan who is doing a documentary on unschooling. We spent time at Sandra Dodd's house and just had the best time visiting with the Dodds and Stranahan family. It is always such fun to be with our unschooling friends and especially nice to meet a new family and get to know them.

Broc and Brenna talked with Lee the first day we were there and on another day, Brenna joined Holly Dodd for an interview and Logan also participated. I had a great time visiting with Sandra and not having the pressure of being on camera :-) I tend to freeze up so opted out but really was very supportive of the more talkative members of our family.

I think the funding for this project goes through tomorrow so I wanted to post it here and hope that if you haven't seen any of excerpts that you will take a moment to check it out. Broc was very apprehensive about it all but I think he made some great points in this excerpt of the differences he has seen between our unschooled and schooled children and the way they live their lives. In another excerpt, Brenna talks about how she hopes parents will see equal worth in all their children's activities.

I have much more to say about some observations I made about unschooled and schooled teens while on our trip as well as sharing pictures as soon as I recover!

Hope you will take a moment to check out The Unschooling Movie and perhaps consider backing what I think will be a great project! If you click on Updates when you get to the link you can view each of the 6 excerpts. Enjoy!


Frank said…
Sounds cool!
Madeline said…
I saw Broc's interview on Sandra's blog and it inspired me to give money : ) I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

Sounds like a great trip.
kelli said…
Both Broc and Brenna sounded great, I'm anxious for the full version :) Sounds like a great trip!
Sandra Dodd said…
"I wish I had sounded great too," she whined piteously. OH GROW UP, her friends thought (those who hadn't said it aloud).

But seriously... I nearly bullied Lee into interviewing the others. I said the whole family was brilliant and good looking and he had to DO IT.

Now I'm pressing him to get some Sorooshians on there too!

Perhaps there will need to be a followup, something like "Unschool Another Day" or "Unschooling Strikes Again." Oooh. Unschool Musical 2. But I hope they don't have Utah playing Albuquerque...
Sandra Dodd said…
by "nearly bullied" I mean persuaded. Yeah.
Sorry to be unclear.
gail said…
I think we all feel it goes without saying that you sounded great! :-) You are such a natural on camera. I kept kicking myself for not giving it a shot on camera but....oh well! 3 out 4 was pretty good. It was so fun just to hang out with you all for a while. And really nice to talk with Lee and meet his family.

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