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Worth a Repeat.

While reading through some old blog posts, I decided this one from July 23, 2009, was worth a repeat. So once more.. "Just a Clean Kitchen...Or is It?

We had one of our usually busy days yesterday. I'd gone to an early morning yoga class, put finishing touches on our bathroom remodel, evaluated and gave suggestions to a 10 year old girl who wanted some help with her speech, had a call from a dear friend from Texas that I miss so much and talked 1 1/2 hours, visited with another friend and her son who came by so that Brenna could help her daughter learn to throw on the pottery wheel, watched Logan play a bit of Rock Band, danced at Zumba, dropped Logan off at his cousin's house, picked up a few groceries for dinner, watched my favorite show, "So You Think You Can Dance", picked Logan up during a commercial break, talked to Broc who is in Maryland at sales meetings all week and watched Brenna putting some finishing touches on some pottery pieces.

It was 10:00 …

Bowl Envy....

I seem to be posting about Brenna lately but it's because she has these cool things going on with an end result that can be photographed. Broc and I are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and Logan is busy with guitar and a new computer game which doesn't photograph well.

We're regrouping after our New Mexico trip and resting up for what will be a very busy few months. We excited about visitors and traveling to some unschooling events every month through November.

So.....Brenna threw this bowl on her wheel a few days ago and it's in the process of drying before she fires it. I think it's amazing! I spent most of 2008 going to pottery classes and throwing pots and the biggest thing I ever made that was centered was about the size of a salad bowl! I'm not sure how many pounds of clay she's used this summer but she has a gorgeous selection of pottery to show for it. The coolest thing is her enjoyment of the whole process, especially the wheel throwing.

I a…

Brenna's Very Cool Pottery on ETSY!

Brenna has an ETSY site where she is showcasing and selling some of her wheel-thrown pottery pieces. They are so amazing (says her mom but if I saw these pieces anywhere I would fall in love with them).

And she did such an amazing job photographing the pieces with her new camera!

Please check out her site and buy some of her cool pottery!

She is also doing commissioned pieces. Just contact her at her ETSY site or at

Random New Mexico Moments.....

Terry and Sharon Higgins 50th Anniversary Celebration
I'm just now posting some pictures of our trip to New Mexico and we've been home since June 29th! It was one of those" see everyone you can" and" pack in as much as you can" trips in a very short time. I didn't get to see as many friends and family that I had hoped to but we did see and do a lot in the time we were there!
One of the best parts of the trip was spending time with the Dodd family and I got home without any pictures! We visited with them a couple of afternoons where some of the family did interviews with Lee Stranahan for an unschooling movie and Logan and Brenna stayed a couple of nights there. It's always so fun to play with them...I just wish I had taken a couple of photos!

Here's a few random shots in no particular chronological order!
Broc took this of me and all five of our kids! Logan (16) Lindsay (16) Tyler (18) Me (old!)
Drew (20) and Brenna (19) …

Blog Interview

Here's theinterview I did for the blog, Homeschooling-Freedom and Fun for Your Family....

It's a series of questions that have been asked and answered by many people and I enjoyed not only answering the questions but reading others responses......

And in spite of the title, we occasionally do some things that aren't fun but usually the point of it is to get to something fun!

This unschooling life is a good fit for us........and I'm especially thankful for the friends we have made along the way. So thanks to You for being part of our lives...................