Bowl Envy....

I seem to be posting about Brenna lately but it's because she has these cool things going on with an end result that can be photographed. Broc and I are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and Logan is busy with guitar and a new computer game which doesn't photograph well.

We're regrouping after our New Mexico trip and resting up for what will be a very busy few months. We excited about visitors and traveling to some unschooling events every month through November.

So.....Brenna threw this bowl on her wheel a few days ago and it's in the process of drying before she fires it. I think it's amazing! I spent most of 2008 going to pottery classes and throwing pots and the biggest thing I ever made that was centered was about the size of a salad bowl! I'm not sure how many pounds of clay she's used this summer but she has a gorgeous selection of pottery to show for it. The coolest thing is her enjoyment of the whole process, especially the wheel throwing.

I am just in awe of this gigantic bowl because I realize the strength and technique that goes into its creation. I just keep walking by her little studio area as it slowly dries to admire it.

I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page but wanted to share it with family and friends who may not see it there. I imagine it will be on her Etsy site in a couple of days. Her site is called Toothpaste Sandwich and you can see (or even buy :-) some of her work. She also is doing commissioned pieces and you can contact her through the Etsy site if there's something you'd like her to create just for you.

I'm hoping that my next post will be the FINISHED BATHROOM photos....heading off to work on that now...It was one of the weekend jobs that's heading into its 3rd weekend!


Christy said…
That is an amazing bowl! I've always wanted to try pottery but I don't like having dirty hands. It is a quandry.
Madeline Rains said…
Beautiful! I once tried to learn centering on a wheel. Maybe I'm too off-center. I don't know. But I too appreciate how hard this was. Wow.

Good luck with ending the bathroom renovations.
kelli said…
It's beautiful! I would love to have her do us some dishes, just like Ren had mentioned she wanted, a set :) I'll be in touch! And we will see you guys soon, Yay!
Heather said…
I learned to throw pottery in high school and then found a place to play in San Francisco in 1999. I haven't done it since. I think I will soon. :-)
mindy said…
loooooove it!
can't wait for my cups!!!

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