Random New Mexico Moments.....

Terry and Sharon Higgins 50th Anniversary Celebration
I'm just now posting some pictures of our trip to New Mexico and we've been home since June 29th! It was one of those" see everyone you can" and" pack in as much as you can" trips in a very short time. I didn't get to see as many friends and family that I had hoped to but we did see and do a lot in the time we were there!
One of the best parts of the trip was spending time with the Dodd family and I got home without any pictures! We visited with them a couple of afternoons where some of the family did interviews with Lee Stranahan for an unschooling movie and Logan and Brenna stayed a couple of nights there. It's always so fun to play with them...I just wish I had taken a couple of photos!

Here's a few random shots in no particular chronological order!
Broc took this of me and all five of our kids! Logan (16) Lindsay (16) Tyler (18) Me (old!)
Drew (20) and Brenna (19) We rented a van while we were there and were all over the state. If you can just imagine all these people and their stuff in a 7 person van! This picture was taken right after we had hiked up to some of the hot springs in the Jemez Mountains and right before we got lost and drove an extra FOUR hours to get to our destination.

Brenna, Lindsay and I testing out the warm springs...

A cute picture of my great-nephew, Ethan, and Lindsay..

My niece, Kristle, and her husband, Aaron, with Logan. We tailgated before the Isotopes baseball game. This picture was taken before the rain!

My brother, Skip, on top of Sandia Crest outside of Albuquerque. We all rode the chairlift up the back side of the mountain on Father's Day and went for a hike. He brought along his guitar and sang us a song or two up on top....

Brenna and Logan at the 50th anniversary celebration for Broc's parents. They clean up "real nice" :-)

This is Brenna with her stepbrothers, Tyler and Drew...She is standing up straight here with just a bent knee!
And here she is standing on a very tall rock!

Visiting Grandmama and Grandad in Bloomfield...Brenna's catching a ride with Broc through the stickers to see the garden...

Grandad (one of the best Dad's and grandads I have ever known) with Broc (also one of the best dads in the entire universe!

Brenna and Logan with their grandparents (these are Mark's parents who live in Northwestern New Mexico)
Our next trip to New Mexico will probably be in January to Sandra Dodd's Santa Fe Symposium where I'll be able to see some of the friends and family I missed this trip. And while there won't be flowers like this, I'm hoping for a bit of snow to play in and take pictures of.....


mindy said…
I loved this glimse into your trip and very sweet lives :)
zamozo said…
Beautiful photos Gail. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family at SUSS!

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