Back from Quite the Month

I've been a bit busy and my camera broke and life has had many ups with a couple of downs and to be honest, I needed a bit of break from blogging and thinking too deeply and have just been Being with my family and friends.

So after a month away from Hummingbird Haven, I thought I'd drop in to say hello and share what condition my condition is in. It's all good even when it seems like things are a bit crazier than normal.

August began with our FUNNR trip and then Broc and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. Probably as much fun in both of those events that people should have in one month but that was just the beginning...... Our beautiful friend, Quinn, from Rhode Island visited us for a couple of weeks. Brenna left to go back to college. We celebrated my mom's 85th birthday. After sharing our old green van for almost 4 years, we finally bought another car, We went to the Northeast Unschooling Conference in Boston. We made some new friends who are living in the coolest bus ever in our back yard for awhile. Brenna came home from college to pursue some new adventures. And today we are celebrating Cailin's 15th and Brenna's 20th birthdays!

It has been a whirlwind!! Just lots of fun with time for family and old and new friends and a bit of traveling for us all. I have pictures to share and stories to tell and as soon as I get rested up a bit, I'll be back!


Madeline Rains said…
Did you meet the people in the bus at the conference? How cool. I hear you about the blogging. I am at a loss for words right now, having too much to say and too much to do right now to say it all. It was so good, as usual, to see you and your family.
Sandra Dodd said…
Happy Birthday, Brenna!
I'm looking forward to photos, and I'm wondering who took care of the chickens and suchlike.

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