January Thoughts....

Sometimes I don't write because I don't have a picture. I know that may seem weird but I feel this need to add something visual besides my words when I blog. Tonight, I have no pictures so I'll try and paint one.................

We have this absolutely lovely fireplace in our Florida home. It covers an entire wall with multi-colored stones with a dark wooden mantel. In the last two years, we've had trouble with smoke getting into the house when we lit a fire. In fact, the last time we built a fire right before Christmas, the entire house filled up with smoke and it set off the fire alarms. And yes, we did have the flue open :-)

I've lived in Florida for over 13 years now and we are in the midst of the coldest and longest spell of winter weather I've ever seen here. All you northerners would probably laugh at what we consider cold but it is unusual to have a couple of weeks of temperatures below freezing here. We're all cold (especially our bus people friends who are toughing it out with no heat at all!).

I tend to have this very narrow comfortable temperature range and I have been a bit grumpy of late because I'm just not finding it. So........Broc researched the whole fireplace thing and decided to try this recommendation. Open the door closest to your fireplace....Light some newspaper and stick it up in the chimney to break the air seal...and then light your fire in the fireplace. He did it and it worked!! We have had this roaring fire in the fireplace complete with the all the sound effects and the warmth and light of the fire all night long.

After a fairly grumpy day, I am now quite content curled up with the animals cuddled beside me. Logan is reading in his newly decorated green and orange splattered room and Brenna has gone to watch a movie with her friends and cousins....Broc is headed to bed so he can get up early for a business trip. Even with the cold, it's been a lovely weekend. I've been learning some new vegan recipes and trying to eat healthy and getting back to more yoga and walking and dancing.
I'm hoping February is better this year for me. We're going to the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering in Ohio so it will definitely not be our normal February.

As I type, our cat, Tessie, has manage to curl up in my lap and I'm reaching over her to type as I lay here half-reclined on the couch. She's happily purring and I'm trying not to disturb her.

I'm feeling quite thankful that my kids have known a life of schedules of their own choosing and not one that revolves around school schedules and other arbitrary rules. We all know what works best for us and it's ever-changing. Tonight, Broc is asleep before 10, I'll wait till the fire goes out, Brenna will be in shortly after that and Logan will probably be up till 4:00 a.m.

There's a lovely flow to our schedules and our lives. It's quite different than the home I grew up in and I'm thankful for that and that my children have grown up in a home of warmth and peace and harmony.


kelli said…
I hope it warms up soon, it's been pretty chilly, even for this MN girl ;) I've been thinking about all the people who aren't set up for this cold.. thinking warm thoughts! Nice to read your thoughts, even without a picture, I totally know what you mean, I have a hard time posting without photos too. I almost did one last night but then got sidetracked by other fun :) our lives rock don't they? (ok.. longest comment ever!!)
Christy said…
I too feel like I should have pictures in my posts, but I don't always. Like you, I have a narrow temperature range where I am comfortable and being cold makes me very grumpy. It has been COLD here for the last 2 weeks. I'm tired of going outside in the cold 3 times a day to bring the animals warm water.
laura said…
i think about that alot too, the unscheduled, unhurried life our kids enjoy and how they can spend countless hours doing exactly what they choose. i'm still learning how to do that myself!!

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