New Year Happenings

Friends and Family........
...Brenna, Chelsea, Cailin, Logan, Garrett and Lane....

It's been the best two days of the year so far.....Our New Year Eve was spent with our friends, Shannon, Jack, Lane and Garrett, who live by us in their bus....We played some games, made some Champagne Margarita's and decided we like them best without the Champagne, and toasted the arrival of 2010 with some sparklers. Most of the teens stayed up all night and were still awake when I woke up on New Year's Day.

Brenna and Jack (who is 6) went on a date to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and last night, Cameron Lovejoy came by to visit on his way back from a Phish concert in Miami. He and Brenna spent some time working on the Autodidact Symposium that Cameron is putting on in March in Columbia, South Carolina.

Broc volunteered to pick up some groceries for dinner and came home with a recipe for Piquillo-Potato soup which he made for us...with some fresh bread to dip in an olive oil/herb mixture...It was yummy!! And he does dishes :-) Nothing much better than a man in the kitchen .....who cooks.

Since it's going to freeze tonight, our neighbors picked all the oranges from their tree and brought us two big bags full!! Logan squeezed them for dinner........So delicious!

We have a dining room that we never use except to do an occasional jigsaw puzzle so we decided to move all the gaming/Rock Band stuff in there with a mattress and pillows.....Here's Lane just relaxing a bit in the brand new gaming room..

Then Brenna decided that she needed a haircut, so Garrett cut her hair...She was quite happy with the final outcome.......

The best thing about our Christmas and New Year Holiday was just having time together. Broc was home for a week!! He and I met our friends, Ben and Kelly, up in Savannah for a couple of days to celebrate their 24th anniversary. At home, we all played games, watched some football, ate fun food, and tonight it's going to get COLD!- At least by Florida standards. Expected lows are in the 20's so we've covered our plants and outside pipes and our settling in for a cozy evening.

Happy New Year to all our friends and family and those of you just stopping by. After a long break from blogging, I now have a new camera and a bit of inspiration to write and post again in 2010 so I'm hoping you all stop in occasionally to visit.


Beachbum said…
I wanna visit! Let me see what magic I can make :)

So great to hear your happenings. You all are so awesome. We send our love!
laura said…
what a cozy post...i love the nest you have there and the people that fill it.
Paula said…
Happy to hear you here again! Love the photos (especially Broc in the kitchen, that's where Craig is right now!)
Your house sounds like so much fun!
Linda H. said…
Do your friends have a blog? I'm curious, because we are planning on living in a bus some day soon!

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