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Unschooling Travels and Adventures....

Our family just returned from the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering (UWWG) in Sandusky, Ohio and it was worth every mile of that 30 plus hour drive to get there and back.
We traveled north with our friends, The Lovejoys, staying at a hotel in Virgina on the way up.

One of the many cool things about having older kids is their ability and willingness to help drive.
Brenna, Cameron, Logan and Duncan drove one car which allowed Broc and me to ride with Ben and Kelly. As is usually the case when our families travel somewhere together, there were quite a few shenanigans going on . This time, we were traveling in snow, so every stop seemed to turn into a snowball fight or two.

Here's a shot of Brenna and Cameron in the first night's hotel.

Once we arrived, we settled in to our lovely suite at the Kalahari Resort that our two families shared with The Endres family from Illinois. The week seemed to just fly by as it always does at these unschooling conferences. One of the highlight…