Unschooling Travels and Adventures....

Our family just returned from the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering (UWWG) in Sandusky, Ohio and it was worth every mile of that 30 plus hour drive to get there and back.
We traveled north with our friends, The Lovejoys, staying at a hotel in Virgina on the way up.

One of the many cool things about having older kids is their ability and willingness to help drive.
Brenna, Cameron, Logan and Duncan drove one car which allowed Broc and me to ride with Ben and Kelly. As is usually the case when our families travel somewhere together, there were quite a few shenanigans going on . This time, we were traveling in snow, so every stop seemed to turn into a snowball fight or two.

Here's a shot of Brenna and Cameron in the first night's hotel.

Once we arrived, we settled in to our lovely suite at the Kalahari Resort that our two families shared with The Endres family from Illinois. The week seemed to just fly by as it always does at these unschooling conferences. One of the highlights for us was the snow. Lots and lots of snow!
I was happy to stay inside and just watch it falling but my Florida kids wanted to be out in it.

I have no pictures of Logan in this blogpost but it wasn't for lack of trying on my part . He just prefers not to have his picture taken and I didn't get any of him this trip....maybe next time.

We visited and laughed with friends both old and new, played in the most amazing indoor water park, were inspired by unschooling presentations, actually did a couple of the presentations, danced, sang, barely slept, played in the snow (not something we ever do in Florida) and spent a lot of time just laughing and being silly. We had a great kitchen in the suite and prepared all our meals in the room....Kelly, Brenna and I brought along our "Mindy Aprons" that were made by our good friend Mindy Haworth.

Aren't we so cute???

Here's a shot of Broc surfing in the water park......and one of the Blues Brothers doing their act at the talent show with their Mini Me's (2 talented young boys who turned up at the talent show in the same outfits as Broc and Ben )

One afternoon, there was a Marketplace and Brenna sold some of her pottery........

Our families did a few of the presentations.....Broc and I did one called "Building Community Through Networking" and talked about making connections with other unschoolers as well as the value of spending time with other unschooling families......

Driving back south, we ran into another snowstorm and arrived in Columbia, South Carolina in the midst of the most snow they had known in a very long time......It was the perfect ending to a fun week and the kids made a Southern Snow Woman in The Lovejoys' back yard.....

In the last seven years, we have been to ten unschooling conferences as well as numerous regional unschooling gatherings and we have so many wonderful memories from each one. The friendships that we have made over these years with families all over the country have enriched our already big lives in ways that we are still discovering.

If I were to recommend just one thing for a family considering or beginning unschooling, it would be to attend an unschooling conference. The next one coming up is The Autodidact Symposium which is March 11 -13 in Columbia, South Carolina and we'd love to see you there!!


Ronnie said…
That snowwoman needs Kelly's bra! She really does.

Can't wait to see you at conference #12, LIFE is Good!
Celandine said…
Looks like you people had lots of
fun, and i loved your pottery,
is there any way i can buy your
florida fly drive
Beachbum said…
love it! I agree with Ronnie, though...she needs some support.
kelli said…
Looks like an awesome time, so glad you all made it safe and sound there and back! :) See you soon in Columbia!
piscesgrrl said…
We had so much fun with you crazy people!
gail said…
Celandine, if you go to Brenna's Etsy site at


and send her a message about what you are looking for she'll be happy to respond :-)
Andrea said…
I really enjoyed your talk, and hope to get to know you better at a future conference. I am glad you all got to enjoy some snow! We are enjoying about 3 new inches of it here in VT this morning, and I am fondly remembering wearing flips flops for 5 days last week...
We will look forward to seeing you in May! Yay!
Madeline Rains said…
What a fabulous week! Gillen and I are looking at the pictures of the water park and thinking about how much we want to go next time. I wish I could have seen you speak! GIllen has started doing pottery so has new appreciation for Brenna's pots. He loves it. I wish we were going to be in SC next month. Baseball has trumped a lot. : ( Miss you.

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