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Remembering My Bro :)

I think about my brother, Don, most every day even six years after his death.  Last year, I wrote a post about him and today on his death day, I wanted to share a couple of photos of him with his nephew, Logan, and niece, Brenna, when they were young.

 Don was a patient, gentle, inspiring, loving dad, son, brother and friend and he was also crazy Uncle Don to my two kids.

And a couple more from the Way Way Back Machine  :)

I watched out for him when we were young and in spite of that he managed to get into all sorts of mischief.  Once, when my mom was very pregnant with our little sister, he climbed on top of the roof and stood at the edge shouting "One, Two, Three, Jump! "  He had a little Shetland pony named Solo who was mean as could be but Donnie loved that little guy even though he would run him into barbed wire fences or bite his butt when he was getting on him. He broke his leg on a glider and rolled a pick-up truck years before he was old enough to have a license and…