Remembering My Bro :)

Logan and Don ~ I wish he could see Logan playing his own guitar today!

 I think about my brother, Don, most every day even six years after his death.  Last year, I wrote a post about him and today on his death day, I wanted to share a couple of photos of him with his nephew, Logan, and niece, Brenna, when they were young.

 Don was a patient, gentle, inspiring, loving dad, son, brother and friend and he was also crazy Uncle Don to my two kids.
Brenna and Don~He always had time to play with my kids as well as  his own kids and grandkids

And a couple more from the Way Way Back Machine  :)

Chaco Canyon Trading Post, Ages 2 and 5

I watched out for him when we were young and in spite of that he managed to get into all sorts of mischief.  Once, when my mom was very pregnant with our little sister, he climbed on top of the roof and stood at the edge shouting "One, Two, Three, Jump! "  He had a little Shetland pony named Solo who was mean as could be but Donnie loved that little guy even though he would run him into barbed wire fences or bite his butt when he was getting on him. He broke his leg on a glider and rolled a pick-up truck years before he was old enough to have a license and once slid down a flagpole with some almost disastrous results but always managed to keep that smile on his face.

In my early twenties, I'm quite sure I wasn't the best influence or role model but he always was there for me when some guy broke my heart or I just couldn't figure things out.  He could always find the rainbow, always find the peace, always see the eagle and  always had my back.

Visiting Chaco when we are 18 and 21 (exactly the same age as Logan and Brenna right  now) with Don's Best Friend, Clint, and our nephew, Michael

I miss him.

My post from last year with a way cool photo of him.

MY BROTHER DON  12-10-55 - 6-10-05

Photo by Arne Stovset Gjone

My brother, Don, died on a summer morning, five years ago today.

This picture of him turned up this week from a photographer in Oslo, Norway, who was shooting pictures for National Geographic in New Mexico a few years before Don died and captured this shot among others. He just recently found out that my brother died and is sending us all the pictures of Don that he has.

Very cool to have pictures of him surface so close to his death day and when his remaining siblings and mom were all together to share in viewing them......and remembering his life and his beautiful spirit.

He is so very missed and loved.


Cam said…
Much love to you, Gail...

That is an amazing capture, what a treasure to have!!
Ren said…
What an awesome gift and a beautiful picture. Many hugs to you and yours in the remembering of happy and sad.
Penta said…
Amazing photograph of your brother. What a lovely surprise to be able to see some new photos of him on this sad anniversary.
Love and hugs.........
Sandra Dodd said…
Such a peaceful image too... Gently "riding off into the sunset," kind of. Or the sunrise.
Flo said…
Such a beautiful and peaceful image. Sending you love.

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