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What's Up with Us

A photo blog of some happenings from this week.... ...........Logan says that I must say that some photos were fake.I prefer to use the term, "Thoughtfully posed" :-)

This was a for real photo of Brenna with her cute new do.....
And Broc worked his butt off all today in his office, but I captured this one last night ..He has been burning the candle at both ends...He really was asleep but the flash woke him up. Sorry dear.
Logan and Trevor lifting some of my new weights .... I'm thinking if I leave them in the middle of the living room, I'll be inspired.......

Brenna has been a wild crazy potter lately. She's run out of room for all her new pieces in her studio and we made some space in what used to be the dining/music/game/almost yoga studio room....
And that's 3 blog posts in one month, baby :-) I am on a roll.

I am That Mom....

I actually dusted off my blog yesterday with plans to write and right on cue came an impromptu blog festival which was enough encouragement for me to join in.....Thanks to Flo for starting this and giving me a writing prompt and for all the enjoyment reading the multitude of other posts about.....

I am That Mom
that would rather we spend time with just our family than being around people who are not very nice to their kids. I am also one of many unschooling moms with a bumper sticker that says "World Peace Begins at Home...Be Nicer to Your Kids. "

I am That mom
that wakes up hearing her son playing his guitar quietly in his room at 4:00 a.m and thinks..".How cool that he has learned to play from all these nights where no one is telling him to go to bed earlier."

I am That mom
who will always make sure her kids have their own room to come home to. Always. And they can leave and return as many times as they want. We live in Our home.
I am That mom
that h…

I have a blog???

Amazing. My blog is still here even though I obviously have not been. Mid-summer and so many changes in the air for friends as well as our family.
I've written a whole slew of posts in my head but have been distracted by things like travel and Facebook :-) and ......well I'm not sure. Maybe writers block. That's always a good excuse. I'll stick with that.
Also, so many unschoolers are writing articles and blogging that I don't feel at all guilty for taking an extended break. Facebook has been an amazing resource for keeping us all connected through updates and blogposts and photos.
I've recently re-connected with some old friends mostly far away and from very long ago. It's been lovely and has tugged at my heart a bit. I'm amazed to see how many people still stop by and read here, even though I haven't been posting. There are people from England and Toronto and Memphis in the last few days. It is such a small big world.
So....I seem to hav…