I have a blog???

Amazing. My blog is still here even though I obviously have not been. Mid-summer and so many changes in the air for friends as well as our family.

I've written a whole slew of posts in my head but have been distracted by things like travel and Facebook :-) and ......well I'm not sure. Maybe writers block. That's always a good excuse. I'll stick with that.

Also, so many unschoolers are writing articles and blogging that I don't feel at all guilty for taking an extended break. Facebook has been an amazing resource for keeping us all connected through updates and blogposts and photos.

I've recently re-connected with some old friends mostly far away and from very long ago. It's been lovely and has tugged at my heart a bit. I'm amazed to see how many people still stop by and read here, even though I haven't been posting. There are people from England and Toronto and Memphis in the last few days. It is such a small big world.

So....I seem to have gotten some of the dust off here...and now, I'm off to dance because if ever there was a day I needed to dance, this would be it. :-)

I really will be back and maybe even bring some photos along to share. Wishing you all a very happy Monday.


Frank said…
Back atcha!

Tell us a story!
Sandra Dodd said…
Good! So what are you dancing in honor/avoidance of?
gail said…
I will, Frank! Sandra, dancing because of reconnecting with old friends that I never imagined I would hear from again. Mostly, a good thing.

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