What's Up with Us

A photo blog of some happenings from this week.... ...........Logan says that I must say that some photos were fake.
I prefer to use the term, "Thoughtfully posed" :-)

This was a for real photo of Brenna with her cute new do.....

And Broc worked his butt off all today in his office, but I captured this one last night ..He has been burning the candle at both ends...He really was asleep but the flash woke him up. Sorry dear.

Logan and Trevor lifting some of my new weights .... I'm thinking if I leave them in the middle of the living room, I'll be inspired.......

Brenna has been a wild crazy potter lately. She's run out of room for all her new pieces in her studio and we made some space in what used to be the dining/music/game/almost yoga studio room....

And that's 3 blog posts in one month, baby :-) I am on a roll.


Danielle said…
Damn, she's soooo cute! But you already knew that. Love, love, love the pottery process photo. I'm in awe.
Love her new cut, she looks cute!
mindy said…
She looks so beautiful...both posed and in the moment. Great hair :)

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