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South Carolina.......heading North

We left Florida yesterday with 3 packed cars headed North.....First stop, the Lovejoy family in Columbia, South Carolina. We feel like family here and had a lovely day visiting with Ben and Kelly. Duncan and Cameron are already up in the Northeast and we'll see them in Boston. We all enjoyed relaxing a bit before we begin our very long drive north tomorrow to attend the Northeast Unschooling Conference. Broc won't be joining us this trip but will be doing some work in the Carolinas while we go play with some of our unschooling friends and enjoy a bit of conference magic.
Aren't these the prettiest eggs? They are from Kelly's chickens and are all shapes and sizes. She has a chicken house that I wouldn't mind living in! We'll be back here in about a week and then will be traveling to Asheville, North Carolina to stay for an entire month.
I usually wait to post pictures of a conference when it's over and then have so much to saw that I end up not posting at…

A Timely Guest Post from Mr. Jeff Sabo.

As many of you know, our family is in a bit of a transition stage right now. We are considering a move to Asheville, North Carolina from our home in Florida where we have lived for the past 13 years. We have rented out our Florida house to a young family for 5 weeks and we will be staying in Asheville until October. Our hope is that this will help us in making a decision we are all comfortable with about moving.....or not moving.
I asked unschooling dad, writer and friend, Jeff Sabo, to do a guest post for my blog a while back and today while I was sitting at the pharmacy waiting on a prescription to be filled and reading my e-mails on my phone, the following post appeared. By the time I was half-way through reading it, the tears were flowing.
Thank you, Mr. Sabo. This is exactly what I needed to hear.

Yesterday afternoon, I took - and remarkably passed - the Oregon State Driver's License Examination. In five to seven business days, I will have an official license from my seve…

I Should Have Just Put You in School!!

This was last week, when Logan, Trevor and my niece, Cailin, returned from a successful dumpster diving evening where they scored a security camera system, computer monitor and various other electronic devices. They were quite thrilled with their whole adventure.
And this was a couple of days, ago when Brenna and Blake were here. He flew in from California and spent a couple of days before they all left to go to the East Tennessee Unschoolers Summer Camp. Brenna is a counselor, Blake is the EMT guy and Logan is one of the campers. Brenna and Logan will be gone about 10 days and I am so thrilled as I imagine all the wonderful connections and adventures they are having.
I love having a houseful of kids and for the next week it is going to be WAY TOO QUIET!! :-) Broc and I made a great effort this weekend.....went to the movies and to the beach and we really do like each other. But, we really do miss them when they're gone.
Our unschooling lives have helped us all to make friends wi…

Grandma comes To Visit

The kids are leaving for the East Tennessee Unschoolers Camp tomorrow so we invited Grandma over for dinner to visit and meet Brenna's friend, Blake, who is visiting from the West Coast. Dinner was my mom's favorite Lasagna with Apple Pie for dessert. This was her first time over since she broke her hip in April. She is doing so well and walking with a cane (and even without the cane)
Mom with two of her favorite guys.

She is one cool mom.

One of Those Days.....

A couple of days ago, I came upon this rainbow when I walked outside. Rainbows are a rare sight here in Northeast Florida compared to where I grew up in New Mexico. That rainbow was just a perfect representation of the day. Hopeful and sparkly with sprinkles on top.
I couldn't find any photos that to represent today. Except the one of the praying mantis eating a hummingbird but that was a little too much! Sometimes, even the Hummingbird Haven Blogger has a bad day. A really horrible bad not so good day for no apparent reason to anyone else. And I don't want to hear how it's going to be better and the sun is going to come out tomorrow. I had a bad day. And that's all there is to it.
Sometimes, when my kids have had a bad day, I so much want to fix it for them. Make it all better. One thing I've learned these past few years is that it's okay to just say, "I'm sorry that you're having a bad day." And a hug can help.
You don't need t…