One of Those Days.....

A couple of days ago, I came upon this rainbow when I walked outside. Rainbows are a rare sight here in Northeast Florida compared to where I grew up in New Mexico. That rainbow was just a perfect representation of the day. Hopeful and sparkly with sprinkles on top.

I couldn't find any photos that to represent today. Except the one of the praying mantis eating a hummingbird but that was a little too much! Sometimes, even the Hummingbird Haven Blogger has a bad day. A really horrible bad not so good day for no apparent reason to anyone else. And I don't want to hear how it's going to be better and the sun is going to come out tomorrow. I had a bad day. And that's all there is to it.

Sometimes, when my kids have had a bad day, I so much want to fix it for them. Make it all better. One thing I've learned these past few years is that it's okay to just say, "I'm sorry that you're having a bad day." And a hug can help.

You don't need to fix it. Or make promises that it will be better tomorrow. Cause it might not be.

It's okay to let it be. It's okay to just be with your not so great day or moment or week. And it's okay to allow your kids to be with it too. Just be there with them if they need you. Some things are just not fixable.

Just be there.


Bonnie said…
I love this Gail :) You're so right - focusing on how things will be better later ignores how the person is feeling *right now*. And on a bad day, it's hard to think about much besides right now.

(And she's not kidding about rainbows being rare here, y'all. I've seen maybe three in my whole life!)
Frank said…
Yep. But I'm sorry things are icky right now.

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