South Carolina.......heading North

We left Florida yesterday with 3 packed cars headed North.....First stop, the Lovejoy family in Columbia, South Carolina. We feel like family here and had a lovely day visiting with Ben and Kelly. Duncan and Cameron are already up in the Northeast and we'll see them in Boston. We all enjoyed relaxing a bit before we begin our very long drive north tomorrow to attend the Northeast Unschooling Conference. Broc won't be joining us this trip but will be doing some work in the Carolinas while we go play with some of our unschooling friends and enjoy a bit of conference magic.
Aren't these the prettiest eggs? They are from Kelly's chickens and are all shapes and sizes. She has a chicken house that I wouldn't mind living in! We'll be back here in about a week and then will be traveling to Asheville, North Carolina to stay for an entire month.

I usually wait to post pictures of a conference when it's over and then have so much to saw that I end up not posting at all. So this time, I'll try and take the time to document a bit as we go along......

Good intentions and all that :-) We'll see how it goes......Tomorrow night we'll be in Frederick, Maryland.


kelli said…
Safe travels and have fun up at the conference! We'll see you when you're back down south :)
alex trumpe said…
Sweet blog! :-) Come check out mine. If you like, please become a follower! I would really appreciate it with all of my heart!


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