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New Chapter.

So last time I was here, we were at The Lovejoys heading to the Northeast Unschooling Conference in Boston. I took a lot of pictures and had the best of blogging intentions but got swept up in one of those "Finish Your Own Adventure" stories. Here we are driving, driving, driving all the way to Boston....and back again.
It has been a roller coaster ride....mostly those great uphill climbs with time to enjoy the view with a few bottom-dropping out-from-under-you moments thrown in to make sure I was paying attention.
NEUC was so fun as we reconnected with old friends and met some new unschooling families. Here are Brenna and Jeff Sabo at dinner one evening :-)
After NEUC, instead of going all the way home to Florida, we headed to Asheville for a month to see about the possibilities of moving there. Our family had almost moved to Asheville about eight years ago so we were already a little familiar with the area and have good friends that live there.

We stayed in this cute cot…