New Chapter.

So last time I was here, we were at The Lovejoys heading to the Northeast Unschooling Conference in Boston. I took a lot of pictures and had the best of blogging intentions but got swept up in one of those "Finish Your Own Adventure" stories. Here we are driving, driving, driving all the way to Boston....and back again.

It has been a roller coaster ride....mostly those great uphill climbs with time to enjoy the view with a few bottom-dropping out-from-under-you moments thrown in to make sure I was paying attention.

NEUC was so fun as we reconnected with old friends and met some new unschooling families. Here are Brenna and Jeff Sabo at dinner one evening :-)

After NEUC, instead of going all the way home to Florida, we headed to Asheville for a month to see about the possibilities of moving there. Our family had almost moved to Asheville about eight years ago so we were already a little familiar with the area and have good friends that live there.

We stayed in this cute cottage that was within walking distance of downtown and after about ten days, over a lovely dinner at The Laughing Seed restaurant, all four of us agreed that it was definitely a place we would love to call home. Brenna celebrated her 21st birthday and Mark came up to join us for a weekend......

We had such a fun September playing with friends and discovering Asheville....We helped Kelly Lovejoy celebrate her 50th birthday....

We played in a fountain with unschooling friends from Columbia and Tennessee....

Broc had a job that would allow him to work out of a home office and actually be able to be with us more. Brenna was happy with the artistic community and felt there were so many opportunities for her. Logan has friends both in Asheville and surrounding areas and he loves the cooler weather. I grew up near the mountains, have friends close by, could work most anywhere and quite simply feel like I'm coming home every time I visit there. In the unschooler neighborhood world, we would be closer to so many of our very good friends and could see them much more often.

So with that in mind, Brenna headed out West for a 3 week road trip. Logan went to NBTSC in Vermont while Broc and I planned on having a few days together in Asheville enjoying the mountains and finding us a place to live. That seemed like a great adventure ending to me but life had a few unexpected plans for us.

Broc lost his job.

It was one of those, here's your last check, give me all the files and computer right now and you are history, kind of job endings. I immediately panicked but was very happy that the kids were off having fun while we (and by that I mean Broc :-)) tried to fix things. I had already given up my private practice contracts for the year in Florida and couldn't work in North Carolina as a Speech Pathologist until I got a new license. Broc took one day to think things over and then moved into action.

One of the many traits I have always admired about Broc is his optimism and the fact that he never burns bridges. Over the years, he has developed and nurtured both his personal and work connections and friendships. Within days, he had not just one, but two very good job offers and within 2 weeks from his layoff date was once again employed. The bonuses of this new job is that he still can work from home out of Asheville, be home with us more AND the company is based out of Dallas so he can also see his kids that live in Texas more. He has already seen all three of them in the two trips to Texas the past couple of weeks.

BUT WAIT!!! There is more to this story!!

Broc now had another job where we could move to Asheville. We were in Columbia, South Carolina at that point waiting to pick up Logan from the airport when he returned from NBTSC. Brenna was still out in Wyoming or Colorado or New Mexico somewhere. We had our two cats and dog with us and a house in Florida with some short term renters that weren't scheduled to leave for a few more days.

Fast forward to now.............

It has now been only been a little over a month since Broc lost his job. We just all made up our minds that this was possible and with the help of friends and family and a lot of just plain old good luck moved to Asheville! We rented out our house in Florida, rented a house in Asheville,had a yard sale, packed up our entire house, loaded up a U-Haul and 3 cars, the cats a dog and a fish.

Here's a photo of some of the moving crew in the new house taking a lunch break.....

We are now completely unpacked and I'm sitting here in our new living room looking out over a lake with a gorgeous view.

The house is perfect for us for right now. Brenna is renting a little apartment from us downstairs with space for her wheel and kiln and in the few days we have been here has already thrown 50 pounds of clay as well as helping us all get unpacked and settled as well as starting to look for a job.

Logan has the bedroom with the awesome view and has been my "go to" guy for getting all the electronic gadgets connected and carrying all the stuff that we don't need down to the basement.
Broc is working from home today and has a dinner meeting close enough to drive home to sleep instead of a hotel.

I am over the top filled up with gratitude and love for our friends and family that helped make this possible. The Lovejoys and The Trasseths and The Maples and The Wechgelaers and Brenna and Logan's dad, Mark, and my brother-in-law, Joe. It was like we were swept up with all their love and energy to help get us where we needed to be. Thanks to all of you.

It seems this end-of-my-adventure story is really just a beginning. My friend, Danielle Conger, has said that she is waiting for her new life chapter right now. It seems this is our new chapter.
I am so excited and hopeful and thankful. I hope to be writing much more from this very spot as the seasons change and we enjoy a winter where we will all see snow!

For now, Hummingbird Haven has moved north but plans are to keep it open and perhaps a bit busier. It seems that there could be a few more adventures without endings still to be written.

The October view from our living room window.......

Thanks for stopping by!!


Cap'n Franko said…
All's well that ends well! Congratulations! It soudns delightful.
KathrynJB said…
What a beautiful place! I'm glad all this worked out!
Zenmomma said…
I am so happy for you all! I think the new place looks lovely. What a view!
Jinger said…
You inspire me to dream of what could be in our future. Thank you.
ErikaDP said…
Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!
Your new home looks wonderful!
Thanks for showing us how to flow with all of the life changes that come along!♥
debra said…
Lovely lovely lovely. A testament to being open to the possibilities that the Universe presents. Sending love and light. ♡
Ren said…
Seems this is the year of new chapters in life for a lot of us! :) Here's to good friends and new adventures and following your heart. Happy you're closer to us!
Madeline Rains said…
What a great story!! I love your view, and really love that you are closer to us. : )
kelli said…
We're also so happy to have you closer. :) Can't wait to see you guys again.

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