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A New Season.....

December is only a few hours away and with it comes one of my favorite times of year. Our traditions and seasonal celebrations create a lovely flow of life that I treasure.
This is the first Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday,since I was in my early twenties, that I've celebrated while living somewhere that has four distinct seasons. And that was quite some time ago! :-)
Today, as I took our dog, Bubbles, out for a walk I realized that I love the colder weather. I have lived for more than 25 years in the warmer climates of Austin, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida, and have loved the warm winters. Today though, as I walked around the lake close to our house, I was reminded of those brisk Northern New Mexico frosty winter mornings. There was a feel and smell to the air that was comforting and filled with memories. I have a reason to make hot tea in the middle of the day here and curl up on the couch with the animals snuggled in beside me.
It felt like Christmas today as I decorated th…