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Brenna is Going to India!

We have settled into our new home ('s a rented old home...but new to us! :-) and are loving Asheville even with the cold and snow. I must admit that I'm ready for spring and warmer weather but am hoping that a visit to Florida next week will help me get through any remaining snowstorms yet to come.
Yesterday, the water in the birdbath in front of my kitchen window finally thawed out and this is what I saw!
We've all been busy with a combination of work, music, projects and visiting with friends.
I'm going to update a bit about each of us in some upcoming blogposts but thought I'd share Brenna's travel plans first. She has a trip planned to India!! I'm so excited for her. Her passport arrived a few days ago and she got her last shot that she needs yesterday.
She's been working very hard making and selling her pottery and worked at a seasonal job over the holidays at Honey Baked Ham. That was a funny story in itself just because she has been a…