Brenna is Going to India!

We have settled into our new home ('s a rented old home...but new to us! :-) and are loving Asheville even with the cold and snow. I must admit that I'm ready for spring and warmer weather but am hoping that a visit to Florida next week will help me get through any remaining snowstorms yet to come.

Yesterday, the water in the birdbath in front of my kitchen window finally thawed out and this is what I saw!

We've all been busy with a combination of work, music, projects and visiting with friends.

I'm going to update a bit about each of us in some upcoming blogposts but thought I'd share Brenna's travel plans first. She has a trip planned to India!! I'm so excited for her. Her passport arrived a few days ago and she got her last shot that she needs yesterday.

She's been working very hard making and selling her pottery and worked at a seasonal job over the holidays at Honey Baked Ham. That was a funny story in itself just because she has been a vegetarian since she was 12!

Last week, she started a new job at a restaurant and has all kinds of projects going on raise money for her trip. She is renting the bottom floor studio apartment in our house which has room for her wheel and kiln and if she's not at work she is throwing pots, glazing pots, and just occasionally stopping to come upstairs and visit with us a bit!

She has a new website and is running a special on some of her pottery that will go towards the travel costs. Her website is and there is a link to her Etsy site from there.

She posted this message a few days ago on her Facebook about a special she is running to help fund her India travels.

I just listed about twenty new items on my etsy site: four teapots, three bowls, a few lidded jars, some mugs, and a couple of tea 'sets' (teapots with matching teacups).

Right now I'm working to save money to travel in India. Because of this, if you use the coupon code 'INDIA' when purchasing anything from my etsy shop, you'll receive ten percent off. In addition, you'll receive a fused glass 'mini bowl' with any purchase starting today. Finally, if you spend more than fifty dollars (before the coupon) I'll send you a handwritten postcard from India! (If I don't make it to India this time I'll send you a postcard anyway- it will just be from Asheville rather than Annapurna. :)

Thanks for looking!

With love,


If you have a moment or two, please stop by and check out her website! Perhaps there is a perfect piece of pottery that you would just love to have :)

I'm very excited about the possibilities for travel and other opportunities for our teens and young adult children. The networks that unschooling families have created through conferences, visits, blogs and Facebook have led to business development, travel, and friends all over the world!

Our move to Asheville was really a result of friends we know through the Live and Learn Conferences and the Autodidact Symposium. It really is true. Everything is Connected.

Happy January to you All. Thanks for Stopping by!


Zenmomma said…
I'm so excited for Brenna! I'm off to visit her shop now.
kelli said…
That's so exciting! Go Brenna!
marcia said…
I love your birdbath full of birds. I am longing for warm weather in Mass, but we have a long way to go, so I am *trying* to savor the season...with all this snow.

That is so cool about Brenna's travel plans. How exciting! My Chloe(age 12) has no plans for school/classes in the future but says she wants to *travel the world*.

I'm enjoying the mugs Brenna made for me!
happy day!
~marcia simonds

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