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Music, Love, Friends

It's been a week filled with music and friends. Logan found a cool new instrument on Craig's List called a Dilruba that is similar to a Sitar and has spent the week learning to tune it and play it a bit. Here he is showing Brenna how to play it before she headed to the airport for a trip to India via Chicago.

I spent some time on Friday rearranging the furniture to make room for our house concert with the most amazing Amy Steinberg. Amy stayed here a few nights while she did some shows in the area. We had a great turnout for the concert with friends coming in from Atlanta, Charleston and Johnson City as well as old and new friends from Asheville. Here's a before shot of the house with our dog Bubbles who was unaware of all the craziness about to transpire.

Amy Steinberg with her radiant smile

My friend, Genie Maples surprised me before the concert with a lovely painting that is titled "East Of Albuquerque". And here it is with two of my favorite people, Kyra a…

My Loves.

I googled my name just for fun and this photo popped up on an interview I did a while back.
I'm not sure of the date but I don't have those glasses anymore and Logan looks a lot older now so maybe 2 years ago?
I brought the photo here because it just made me smile. It may have been my idea to put on silly clothes but most probably Broc :).
I love these people. And they love me. I am so very happy to be sharing my life with them.
That's it for this post. Hope you take a moment to be happy for those you love and those that love you.

Eighteen on 18

Logan celebrated his 18th birthday on Friday. It was his "Golden" birthday, the one where your age and birth date match. Eighteen on March 18th.
His is my youngest child so I now have 2 children that are considered legal adults. Brenna is 21 so it's been a milestone year for them both.
I managed to surprise Logan by arranging to have his cousin, Cailin, from Florida come up to visit for the weekend. They are silly and goofy together and it's been a fun weekend.
We have a houseful with Cailin, Brenna's boyfriend, Blake, and the kid's dad, Mark. This afternoon, grandparents from New Mexico are arriving so they can see both the kids before Brenna leaves for a trip to India on Wednesday.
I woke up during the night or possibly very early morning and could hear Cailin and Logan laughing and talking across the hall. It's one of my favorite sounds; the sound of happy kids.

This morning, Mark headed out for a bicycle ride up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Blake wen…

Worth a Repeat

While reading through some old blog posts, I decided this one from July 23, 2009, was worth a repeat. So once more.. "Just a Clean Kitchen...Or is It?

We had one of our usually busy days yesterday. I'd gone to an early morning yoga class, put finishing touches on our bathroom remodel, evaluated and gave suggestions to a 10 year old girl who wanted some help with her speech, had a call from a dear friend from Texas that I miss so much and talked 1 1/2 hours, visited with another friend and her son who came by so that Brenna could help her daughter learn to throw on the pottery wheel, watched Logan play a bit of Rock Band, danced at Zumba, dropped Logan off at his cousin's house, picked up a few groceries for dinner, watched my favorite show, "So You Think You Can Dance", picked Logan up during a commercial break, talked to Broc who is in Maryland at sales meetings all week and watched Brenna putting some finishing touches on some pottery pieces.

It was 10:00 and we…