Music, Love, Friends

It's been a week filled with music and friends. Logan found a cool new instrument on Craig's List called a Dilruba that is similar to a Sitar and has spent the week learning to tune it and play it a bit. Here he is showing Brenna how to play it before she headed to the airport for a trip to India via Chicago.

I spent some time on Friday rearranging the furniture to make room for our house concert with the most amazing Amy Steinberg. Amy stayed here a few nights while she did some shows in the area. We had a great turnout for the concert with friends coming in from Atlanta, Charleston and Johnson City as well as old and new friends from Asheville. Here's a before shot of the house with our dog Bubbles who was unaware of all the craziness about to transpire.

Amy Steinberg with her radiant smile

My friend, Genie Maples surprised me before the concert with a lovely painting that is titled "East Of Albuquerque". And here it is with two of my favorite people, Kyra and Tim Traaseth and my sweet Bubbles.

Ben Lovejoy was in town for business so he came by and stayed with us for the concert. He and Broc helped Genie rehang some of her paintings in her studio that she took to her New York show last week. That in itself was entertaining! Took them about 4 tries to get this painting hung but they certainly had fun doing it! My phone photo doesn't even begin to do justice to the painting but you can at least see how big it is. It is gorgeous! The guys aren't too bad either but I don't think they come with it :) May be able to work out a special deal to have them come hang it though!

Kelli Traaseth and Amy

Rachel Wechgelaer and Logan

Jake Wechgelaer and Alec Traaseth

I didn't get any great shots of the concert but here's a preconcert shot of some of the fun people that came....Some we knew and some were brand new friends. It was great to meet some local people that enjoyed Amy's music and didn't seem to think we were too crazy!

Kyra and Abbi Traaseth with Amy

Alice Wechgelaer, Genie Maples, and Ren Allen

Amy wrote a new song while she was here called "Bloom" and during the concert she sang
some new songs but also did some of my old favorites. I danced and giggled with Ren Allen and Laura Bowman which made my night complete. Amy also improvised a song about bringing her water that had everyone laughing and singing along. It was a night filled with connections for me and I hope for the group that was gathered here.

Today, Broc, Logan and I are enjoying a quiet Sunday after our past 2 busy weeks. Logan is home sleeping in after going up to Johnson City, Tennessee last night for more hanging out with the bunch that was here on Friday. Broc is watching a basketball game or two after his ride up to the Blue Ridge Mountains with Ben. I'm still in my pajamas at 3 p.m., getting things back where they belong and doing some blogging. Later on my plans include talking to Brenna before her flight leaves for India, making potato-leek soup and chatting with some online friends.

I am filled up with love and happiness and so grateful for this life that is a swirl of friends, family, music and fun.

I hope this day finds you exactly where you need to be. As always, thank you for stopping by to share a glimpse of what is going on with us.

Peace, Love, Free :)


Tough Mama said…
What a BLAST!!! I love you! Thank you so much for having me...I had SUCH a great time

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