Goodbye Winter!!

 This was my first winter outside of Florida in fourteen years.  I was determined to get through it with grace but you may have heard my intermittent whining all the way to your house!  The first significant snow fell on Christmas Day and it was gorgeous.  I played in it, made snow cream and even helped build this very tall Snowman!  When all that snow melted a few days later, I think I may have said, "Well, that was a fun winter!"

Several snowfalls later as well as an my first incident with running out of heating oil and several subsequent expensive heating oil deliveries later, I was no longer amused.  Granted, it was not a long winter compared to what our friends in Canada and the Northeast experience but when I saw this flower blooming back in late February, I was overjoyed.

Last week, I ventured off the mountain to visit my dear friends,  Kelly, Ben, Cameron and Duncan Lovejoy.  Kelly shared some of her chickens' colorful eggs with me and when I came home they seemed almost too pretty to eat when I put them in one of Brenna's ceramic bowls.

We have had a few glimpses of spring with yellow and white daffodils blooming all over town.  And in the last two days all over our yard, TULIPS!!

This little guy has been showing up every morning right outside my kitchen window.

May Spring be on it's way in your life, also!


kelli said…
Isn't it just soo soo exciting seeing those tulips and crocuses popping out of the ground! Love spring!

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